HVAC in Eagan

If your home is located in or around Eagan, H3R Contracting are the folks to call for quick HVAC solutions, any time of day or night. As an established heating and air conditioning company, we’re equipped to handle projects and problems of all sizes. From design and installation, to flexible maintenance packages, air conditioning replacement, and fast AC repair, we’re the innovators who get it right the first time—for less. Call (651) 808-3984 today!

Low-Cost Heating Installation Expertise in Eagan

Keeping your home, the right temperature is critical to the comfort and health of you and your loved ones. Take the guesswork out of a perfect heating installation experience by partnering with the cities leading authorities on HVAC repair. Our affordable price points make our top-quality products and services accessible to any homeowner in need of upgrades, maintenance, or emergency assistance.

24-Hour Residential Air Conditioner Repair

There is no good time to find out that your HVAC is malfunctioning. It gets worse if it is in the middle of the night, on the weekend, and especially on holidays. We offer 24-hour residential air conditioning repair to keep your tenants, family and guests comfortable. As soon as you call, we’ll dispatch qualified electrical technicians with all of the tools and technology needed to locate and fix the problem at the source.

Common Air Conditioner Problems That Can Easily Be Avoided

Partnering with an air conditioning contractor who is reliable and up-to-date on the latest municipal building codes and state electrical regulations can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run. When central air installation is not performed correctly, you can run into a host of costly problems like:

  • Thermostat is broken or needs calibration
  • Warm air is blowing out
  • There is an obstruction in the ventilation system
  • There is a foul odor coming from the vents
  • Refrigerant is low
  • Evaporator coils are frozen
  • Drainage systems are clogged
  • Mold or mildew has built up inside the vent system
  • The unit is leaking or damaged
  • HVAC electrical problems
  • Nothing happens when the unit is powered on

We’re the HVAC contractors that local developers, homeowners, contractors and builders turn to for reliable and cost-effective HVAC installations. We make sure everything is meticulously installed the first time so your system runs efficiently for a long time.

Easy Portable Air Conditioner Installations

Would a portable air conditioner benefit your Eagan home? If the heat is rising and you’re not getting any relief from opening the windows, this could be the cost-saving game-changer you are looking for. Some heating companies don’t offer this smaller, more cost-accessible option. If implementing a full HVAC is not an option, let us do the math on your unique space to show you how cool we can get it, and the exact costs associated with it.

Affordable HVAC Contractors for Home Installations and Repairs

Call Eagan’s premier HVAC service experts today to book an appointment for a free consultation. We look forward to getting your call.